AHA KID BATU CITY, Filling the Golden Age with Positive Activities

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BATU ( Siaptv.com ) – Filling the golden years of Indonesia’s great juniors with positive activities is extraordinary, such as the activity held by AHA KIDS Batu City this time, namely synergizing directly with successful business activists in Malang City to make the phases of children’s growth and development in the Batu City and Malang areas be maximized and targeted

Go directly to the production location for processing and packaging honey *Sarang Maduku* in Malang City, precisely on Jl. Gurame fish no 31 Lowokwaru-Malang City became an unforgettable moment for these cool juniors.

Understanding and knowing the types of honey, types of bees and how to process the right product, makes these young learners understand and understand what the benefits of honey are and how the production flow works, including how to create superior products on the market.

The owner of Sarang Maduku *Andoni Pridatama* said, _”It turns out that currently many of our children are not familiar with the types and extraordinary benefits of honey for health, including the habit of consuming honey itself”.

The owner admits that he feels proud and happy to be able to provide education to this golden generation and give positive appreciation to AHA KIDS which has facilitated children to get to know the world of blending business and can also get used to being grateful for all the blessings that exist. And of course we hope that this positive activity can continue in the future ( Ahmd)

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